Getting ready for a new week!

Ok, here it goes. I am back for real. I did need some time off. But I love my new nutrition program. I am cooking up a storm while losing lots of weight. I would say, this is the first diet I am comfortable and amazed by how easy I was able to shed those first 15 pounds were. I started RP in November and I am over 15 pounds lighter already. The most amazing part is the online community, in giving tips and finding creative recipes to make this program work.

Every Sunday I do my meal prep. This week will be a little different as I have to clean up my freezer. I had made a whole bunch of meals before I started RP, but those meals don’t fit my current macros any longer.

This week’s shopping haul was $60 at probably one of the most expensive stores in town, called Sendiks. It’s brand new in my area, and I never found it to be crowded. Which is probably not so good for their business. Since I am using up some of my freezer stash I was able to have fun and get some shrimp and beef tenderloin.


This is when I plan my meals for the week. Cookbooks and current macro sheet ready.


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