Out with the old

I don’t want to jinx it but I think I am on the mend with my Flu/Cold combo. I will even try to do a light Crossfit workout tomorrow morning to ease back into it.

I am changing over to all glass containers for my meals and finally found a size that will work and stack nicely.  I never was a fan of those plastic containers, but I felt I had no choice. With my meals sizes now being smaller, they not only fit but also will serve as a reminder how big my meals should be.


Then I wanted to try some new flavorings. I will use those mostly during the cutting phase to keep it fun and interesting and bearable. The spices I got a while ago and they are super tasty, but the Devotion flavors will help with my sweet cravings.

2016-12-16-19-51-53    2017-01-10-18-23-43

Today’s meals:


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