That cheesecake never disappoints

Sunday is weekly food prep day and today was no exception. I forgot to take pics, but on the menu are for meal2: Stir Fry veggies with sirloin and rice noodles, meal3: salmon burgers on a whole-wheat bun with tomato and cucumber salad, meal4: grilled chicken strips, with potato and crunchy veggies. I made a protein cheesecake, which will give me 4 servings of my pre-bed snack. Breakfasts are usually an airfryer pancake made fresh.

3 years ago I went for my first DEXA scan after I finished the year with Precision Nutrition coaching and before I started Crossfit later that year. This week I had my second DEXA scan. While it currently shows a gain of about 21 pounds over the last 3 years, 11.5 of those pounds are solid muscle and my bone density is in the 130th percentile. Even the DEXA guy was impressed.

I am so stoked. My RP nutrition coach just mapped out my long-term plan after she incorporated my recent DEXA results. The plan includes 3 more cuts (12 week fat loss phases) followed by maintenance/weight stabilization and I will reach my optimum weight of around 172 (22% bf) by October 2018. And while this is still quite a long time, I know that this is the right approach. It allows me to get better in the gym, shed the fat, and keep it off.

I finally got some fats back into my diet as the maintenance phase is going really well and my body is adjusting to more food. I love weekends as I can be a little more relaxed with food.





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