The ocean canoe experience

Thursday Recap

My ability to surf is improving. I am starting to move around on the board and can tell when I am not riding the wave correctly, and can even make minor adjustments. Just loving the whole experience!

Today we were joined by a couple from Austin, TX for a very short time until they realized that they get seasick from the waves. I suppose when you have the tendency to get seasick, surfing is not the sport for you!

Today are expected white caps which means the winds/waves will be a little stronger and my new skills will be put to the test.

I went for an ocean canoe experience at 2pm. Super fun! We weren’t able to go into the ocean as the winds were a little too strong. I may get another chance today to ride some waves in an outrigger canoe. Ikaika, the owner of Haleiwa Canoe Tours, had his family in town from Tahiti who joined us on this canoe tour. It’s incredible how sweet and friendly people here are, and they truly do make you feel like ‘ohana (family).



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