My Epic Shark Dive

I can’t believe that I need to leave this beautiful island with those amazing people. This morning was my shark dive at 8am (rescheduled from yesterday due to high winds), and a final sunset surf from 4 to 6pm before boarding the plane at 10:50pm tonight. 😍🦈🏄‍♀️

Friday Recap: The waves were awesome and more on the wild side today. You could see boards dancing on the waves or shooting over the waves indicating the loss of control, wiping out whole clusters of surf students in one swoop. Super fun! At day 5 I feel super comfortable in the water and waves, the only annoying part was people not moving towards the current and back out towards the ocean. They just stare at you while sitting at the end of the run. I hit this one guy almost 3 times, and had to miss riding 3 really good waves all the way. Boards can harm someone really fast. The water can move those boards at high speeds and full force. But I am having the best time of my life here and I will be back sooner than later.


How cool are those! Galapagos sharks! This was a one of a kind adventure. Those sharks are just amazing to watch. Got lots of GoPro footage for later. Almost unreal, but so so amazing!

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