Becoming a Digital Nomad

While working from home has its comforts of a trusted environment, reliable wifi, and 2 monitors, it may lack the interaction of people face-to-face in the long run. It could make you feel isolated, maybe even lonely. While I do not anticipate in becoming a full-blown digital nomad with full-time travel, I can easily imagine going on a few extended trips a year while living in beautiful Hawaii.

What is a digital nomad anyways? Digital nomads use wireless internet, smartphones, Voice over IP, and/or cloud-based applications to work remotely where they live or travel. Digital nomads may use co-working spaces, cafes, house sitting agreements, and shared offices. The foundation of the digital nomad movement is remote work, allowing people to do their work at home or anywhere in the world through the Internet.

Why travel when you live in paradise? It helps me to keep an open mind, keeps me learning, it pushes me outside my comfort zone and keeps me adaptable, it makes me more social and accepting of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Need some inspiration to a more adventurous life? I love guys like Tim Ferris and Chris Guillebeau that continue to inspire me. They make you think outside the box and hopefully willing to try some goofy stuff.

I stumbled over when I was booking my room for my Hawaii trip and discovered that there is a whole new world out there that will fit my ideas, lifestyle and desire to travel. Want to learn more about it?

And watching my favorite Adventurists on youtube, The Bucket List Family, help with dreaming about places to go.

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