Observations in Germany

I am currently spending 2 weeks in Germany to be with my mom and family. Here are a couple observations.

#1 Graffiti everywhere! Many public bridges and properties have graffiti painted all over. Cleaning efforts are often unsuccessful, as the “graffiti artists” will often redo the graffiti within 48 hours (overnight) of removal.


#2 Germans take selections to the next level. From chocolate to cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, and certainly breads.  You can find easily 10 to 12 aisles of chocolate and sweets in many different variations (top 2 pics) in a store. A whole aisle of just salami and plenty of cold cuts and cheese at the butcher counter (bottom pics). A usual breakfast and dinner in Germany is bread with cold cuts and cheese.

   2017-11-29 09.16.23

A dream when you need to be gluten-free. The gluten-free bread, rolls, pasta, and cookie choices are stunning.


#3 People look pretty grumpy, at least in the former Eastern part. I think the overall gray environment and weather do their part. This is the area where I lived growing up, a concrete jungle. With the exception that there was very little color on the houses in the 70s and 80s.


#4 While in the US smokers are banned from buildings, in Germany, they often have dedicated rooms to allow smoking, as you can find Smoking Zones in airports. Yuck!

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