Small Space Living

Coming from Europe where people live in smaller spaces, drive smaller cars because space is at a prime. I love small and highly efficient spaces, where things are engineered to have more than one purpose.

I was fascinated by Murphy Beds and Tiny Houses long before they received the hype and TV attention. And I have many sketches of my Tiny House layouts collected and archived. Now, there are cooler versions of maximizing the space in a Tiny House or Small Space everywhere. And I am getting better with those power tools.

I was a little worried about my kitties when I consolidated everything into one room, but I have to say they love it as much as I do and I feel like they got even cuddlier, more balanced, and definitely braver. And with some special Airbnb guests, they are even eager to greet them.

Just this morning:


What my living space currently looks like:

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