Out with the old

Job Search

Focusing on what I would love to do next is hard when I still work a full-time job. Fortunately, this job is ending tomorrow and I can get on with my new adventures! I have been using some time in the mornings to come up with a few ideas like working as a Data Analyst/Scientist or Support Engineer. I love helping people and dig into problems and challenges. Pure coding isn’t that fun any longer. While I love Ruby on Rails, the learning curve seems to be awfully steep, though I don’t want to give up on that yet since it is a super fun framework. But lots more thinking and then hunting for that job needs to be done.

Health Insurance

I needed to get at least temporary coverage for the next one or two months until I either get a regular job with benefits again or decide on a Freelance career. Thanks to Obamacare the rates are jacked up and it would cost me at least $600 even for a high-deductible plan. In addition, finding a trustworthy health insurance agent is another challenge. I turned to Dave Ramsey’s network providers and got lucky again finding very reasonable short-term health insurance and knowing he can also provide me with regular health insurance at a great monthly rate.

Looking forward to awesome sunsets at the beach.


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