Back in Paradise

It has been a crazy couple of days for sure. I had to prepare the house and my second room for Airbnb, dropped off my kitties for their vacation with friends, etc. I arrived yesterday in Honolulu around 2pm, got my rental and drove through thick rush-hour traffic to my favorite place on the Northshore. Got to the Airbnb before dark and had some great chats with other guests on the property.

Today will be a Hawaiian Costco haul, a check-in with my surf instructor, and a follow-up with two of the houseguests on a possible job opportunity. Oh, and the first guest on my second Airbnb room just rented.

Stay tuned. Looks like things are moving fast.

Aloha my friends!

entrance to the property
my room
shared bathroom for 2 rooms
lower kitchen
ground level patio
house front view
living area
upper kitchen
2018-01-30 18.13.54
view from the deck

2 thoughts on “Back in Paradise

  1. Glad to hear you are there safe and settling in so well. Great accommodations and wonderful success with your AirBnb. Have a great time and best of luck in your job search. You’re amazing and so brave!!

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