Living in Paradise won’t come cheap

Hawaii truly is my Happy Place and I am working hard to make sure I can live here comfortably. Living in Paradise won’t come cheap! The rent can easily eat up $1500+ for a studio/one bedroom apartment. Food is another big expense, so careful planning is important. Luckily there are a few Costco locations on the island and in combo with Safeway’s deals, I may just be ok. Fresh fruits and veggies can be obtained at local markets and I am planning to grow some in my awesome Tower Garden year-around.

Here is my first Costco Haul in Hawaii. This will last me for my 4-week stay and I can and have already shared quite a bit of food with my housemates. Making meals together is just way more fun!

6 thoughts on “Living in Paradise won’t come cheap

  1. It looks like you are really enjoying your new life! I hope it is all you wanted and expected! I will continue to watch your blogs and be totally jealous 🙂 Jo Kirby

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