My Happy Place

What is the verdict so far after 18 days here?

YES, it truly is My Happy Place and things are falling into place. When I arrived here at the house I met Allison and Kat and we totally clicked. As an end result, I found my digital nomad job in only a few days. I will be helping Elevation Solutions with their Salesforce Data Integrations. I am super excited to work with really awesome and smart people.

What does my day look like? Getting into a routine!

I usually get up around 5:30am. On my Crossfit days (Mon, Wed, Fri) I will start working shortly after making my first cup of coffee until about 8:30am. Then it’s off to Crossfit Waialua for a good workout. Usually, I will be back around 10:30am for breakfast and then back to work by 11am. On my surf days (Tue, Thu) I head out to Puena Point around 7am and return by 9:30am, followed by a protein pancake breakfast and return to work by 10am. Lunchtime is around 2:30pm. Maybe some beach/snorkel/paddle boarding time after 4pm or Yoga at 6pm and then work for a little more. In addition, I will use the weekends to work, as there are a ton of tourists in town and everything is way too crowded.

Once in a while, I will go on a Costco run or drive to Tamura Market after 10am during the week to beat the tourist crowds. There are Farmers Markets and Farm Stands where I can get fresh fruits and veggies.

Weekends include surfing, outrigger canoeing or some other kind of water activity. After I get back its time for breakfast and some work. And there is always time to connect with people and make new friends. Sunday evenings is church starting at 6:30pm with a dinner followed by a service. After that, I am ready for a new week in paradise!

New Friends

  2018-02-15 18.33.57

2018-02-15 17.14.232018-02-17 09.05.30

Events (Volcom Pro, Social Media Event at church) and a beautiful sunset hike


Crossfit and Yoga


The digital Nomad Life

2018-02-12 09.27.582018-02-12 09.09.232018-02-12 09.08.522018-02-02 07.39.20


Beaches everywhere


Poke and Acai bowls

 2018-02-11 09.37.44

Deep Puddles after heavy rains and Resting Monk Seals on the beach



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