My Mobile Office Setup

When I work at home I have my dual screens and a large desk to work on. The internet is perfect and there isn’t much noise.  But when we travel or work in public spaces, we often have to make due with less in exchange for way more fun, meeting awesome people, just getting out of the house, having stunning views or an inspiring atmosphere while working.

The drawback is, we don’t have our dual monitors, there may be no outlets to charge your laptop, the internet may be spotty, or there may be noise we cant control.

Here is an overview of the equipment I love and what I do to help those less than perfect conditions.

My Current Equipment

MacBook Pro, wireless keyboard, charger, and mouse

I just recently switched to a more minimalistic Backpack. My old one was at least double the size.

The Power Adapter Extension is super helpful, as it will extend the reach by 6 feet and take up less space at an outlet or a power strip.

The Laptop Stand is totally awesome and I usually use it while sitting, but it may also work well while standing.

I love this Power Travel Adapter Kit Outlet. It allows me to charge multiple devices at the same time without having to take multiple adapters with me when traveling.

Great quality notebooks like the Moleskin Notebooks are so much fun to write in and don’t take up a lot of space.

How to combat some of those obstacles

Dual monitors
Somebody showed me an easy trick for the Mac to work with multiple monitors. Swipe up on the touchpad with three fingers to view the windows of open apps, allowing you to quickly switch between programs. This view is called Mission Control. Super simple and great to structure lots of different windows.

Spotty WIFI
The easiest way is probably to just tether from your phone. While for regular work tethering is fine, watching or uploading youtube videos will chew up the data rather quickly and you are in danger to be throttled (slowed down) by the carrier. I will also explore to purchase a mobile hotspot as I do need a reliable internet at all times.

Laptop Power
An easy way is to make sure the MacBook is fully charged and should last a few hours before it needs a recharge. I am considering purchasing a power bank for my macbook to extend the power even more when working in a spot where a connection to a power source isn’t possible.

The great outdoors and coffee shops can often have background noises that cannot be controlled being in a public space. So conference or client calls may have to be taken at home. Another option is the use of noise-canceling earphones, which I will be purchasing next.

Happy travels and working from fun places everyone!

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