Timeline for Moving to Hawaii

Yesterday the vet technician called and told me: “Well, we got the titer results back and Felix does not meet the requirement to skip the quarantine in Hawaii with the 5-day-or-less-program. Merlin is clear to go!” She even had called the department in Hawaii to see what my options were. For sure that was a shocker! It certainly means my timeline will be moving out to September. I did get Felix into the vet this afternoon to get his refresher rabies shot and in 21 days we can go for retesting. The earliest we can arrive in Hawaii is 120 days from when the lab receives the test.

While having to stay here for another 1.5 months is not what I had envisioned, but everything happens for a reason. And September maybe better travel weather for our road trip out to Oakland, CA to minimize the flight time for the kitties and to ship my car from a port in Oakland, CA.

The flight time from Oakland will be 5:30 hours and is a direct flight into Honolulu. For sure I won’t be flying United after all those latest pet incidents.  Alaska Airlines seems to be the best airline with the best prices.

And what will I do with all the stuff I own?

Well, most of my furniture and kitchen stuff will stay as equipment for my Airbnb, which I will be managing from the far in cooperation with a local co-host. The shipping charges to Hawaii are outrageously expensive. A small container starts at $4000 to $5000. I also had inquired about a freight forwarding service, which would pack and ship my boxes with others into one container came back with $4500 for 10 boxes, a bike, and a paddleboard at only port-to-port and a travel time of 4 to 8 weeks. Yuck!

In the end, I will get rid of most of my belongings (as in selling a few items and giving away the rest) and just ship a few smaller boxes with the most important things via USPS just before I leave on my road trip. It’s hard of letting go, but when paradise is calling its worth that sacrifice. 

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