Aquafaba and having fun in the kitchen plus a Hawaii Update

Let’s start with the important Hawaii update. While I would love to leave for Hawaii like yesterday, it just would not be wise for a few reasons. Those being that #1 – my savings have been depleted, #2 – I need to secure a stable stream of income aka job that can cover the higher cost in Hawaii and the moving expenses and #3 – I still have debt that needs to be paid off.

What does that mean? I will very likely not be leaving/moving in September. Fortunately, I hadn’t booked the flight or an apartment yet. While I am super sad, it would just not be wise and would add big financial worries to living in paradise. I anticipate having all those things under control by mid next year at the latest and be ready for my final move. That being said, I may have to get a quick Hawaii fix. Thinking of maybe going to Kauai in fall so I can make it through this long stretch until I move. I will evaluate some budget options to explore this opportunity further.

I just had two vacancies in my apartment building.

The first unit needed a lot of TLC!

2018-07-09 07.58.27

Fortunately, the second unit only needed some cleaning to be ready!

2018-07-09 08.03.07

I found a tenant for my first unit super fast within a few days, I do have to be patient with my second unit to make sure to find another great and stable tenant. The previous tenant of that unit, in typical millennial fashion, just decided she wanted to move to Texas and moved out within 10 days. Though I am kind of glad, as now is a way better time to find a good tenant, then in December when her lease would have been up.

The Airbnb is doing very well and already fully booked into mid-September. I am even in the review to receive Superhost status!

While I had found a great job with potential working remotely, as with all startups money and paying people is often an issue. So I have to return to the drawing board and find another remote job that will provide a more stable income. While there are lots of IT jobs out there, and I have gotten quite a few requests for working on-site in the Milwaukee area, I just need to be patient finding a great company to work remotely.

I love the cooking course, it’s super fun and it sparks my creativity in the kitchen again. I found something magical called aquafaba! Really, it’s just the water from a can of chickpeas, but the magical power lies in whipping it up. I now can make macaroons or merengue again, or to use it as egg white replacement.


I also experimented with making some awesome mashed potatoes with a mushroom gravy. Whats the big deal? Well, you usually put butter and milk in mashed potatoes and that’s out being plant-based. I steamed the potatoes and have to say I will never boil potatoes in water again. The potatoes taste so much better, retain more nutrients, and get fluffy when mashed with a mixer. This is definitely a keeper. It was so good!

While Hawaii has to wait a little longer we do have our little oasis on the back patio, which the kitties love too.

3 thoughts on “Aquafaba and having fun in the kitchen plus a Hawaii Update

  1. God’s timing doesn’t always coincide with our plans, but its always perfect. I’m sorry you get to experience one more Winter Wonderland here before moving to your paradise, but I believe wholeheartedly that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Perhaps it involves getting the right tenants whose leases aren’t up yet but who will be reliable and trustworthy when they move in, or The Job is still in the creation stage and will come along at the right time for you. Perhaps there is someone here who needs you at this time; in whose life you will make a difference for some reason. I believe He has a purpose for you here at this time and that what may feel like a roadblock is simply guiding you to the alternative path.

  2. Those mashed potatoes sound great. I know you will make this dream come true, even if you have to wait a bit longer. I still look forward to the day we head to Oakland.

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